Walpurgis Night, 2013

Then in a damn-the-torpedoes kind of way, sort of planning ahead but not really looking that way, most certainly not forward, Cybill and I take some time off our respective jobs and get to hop a plane on Walpurgis Night, 2013, to sunny Orlando, FL and if you ask me, to hell with whatever happens sixteen days from now. I just wanna ride the Space Mountain, buddy, and let go of the whole damned rest of the world while at it.



Q: What do you get when you cross the Brocken spectre with a fata morgana?

A: A hypothetical question.


And screwdrivers from Latvia (a poem)

Back then making the scene
jaded but never bored,
kowtowing to the beat,
contrite in acquiescence
detached often aloof
yet so cool
in those threadbare black denims
and screwdrivers from Latvia.