vIvE lA rEsIsTaNcE! (2011 remix)

If you ask me what’s changed or even take a step back, coyly so as to inquire of what would it take for either the or a change to take place I’d do by best Bogart flicking the tail-end of a cigarette butt to some dark, damp gutter somewhere and tell ya nawww, changes nothing kid. Because it doesn’t, really, and it shouldn’t: We fight on, this side of the Earth still preaching out with your immaturity card but that’s not it, that’s just fighting dirty from their side, maybe your side too swear I’m not judging you but I won’t be the one to pull hair, just stick to those same old tactics proven wrong and ineffectual, perennially hoping, going for that mythical, self-styled proverbial dent in the mundane that I’m pretty sure that’s never to come but that’s not the point—

—and from the bible: When god was showing from the top of a mountain, I think it was either to Moses or Abraham or to any number of those guys, really, the Promised Land there below but there was this catch see, guy would only see it but never make to it and I don’t really remember the point inferred, because there’s always supposed to be a point in there somewhere.
But then in the back of my head, hah, I kind of imagine that same scene but now god’s showing it to the stage persona of Joe Strummer and you know Joe right? whasshesayin’? Joe’s telling god he’s not working for the clampdown.

Because me, really, when I look down there it’s often from behind plate-glass down to terrible vistas spreading out past the horizon bereft of free will dystopian in all their glory quasi-lovecraftian in nihilism and jumbled up situations twisted motivations and— oh right, time for another good old one from the bible even though you’ll probably flinch by the time we’re through with this but if you do, girl, it’s because you did not get the metaphor right. But there’s jesus christ, Boy-Wonder, there atop yet another mountain— if that’s a leitmotif like the Batman song in the cartoon, only geographical, I’m missing it too— and he’s talking to someone. Noooo you’ll never guess to whom. And look-ey my twentyfirstcentury brethren! Lo! I give you the Steve Jobs. The tempter. Tempting boy-jesus with an iPad. But do you think kid’s happy with running Windows? Oh he’s not. I can’t hear either of them from down here but I’m pretty sure jesus is complaining about his Internet Explorer freezing when he opens multiple tabs or something.

(but why is the son of god on windows in the first place, you’re asking. But nonononono that’s not the point.)

(I’ll tell you what the point is all about)

(shhh I think someone’s been browsing for porn when out alone fasting in the desert)

(but you can’t really jerk off when you’re hungry, can you?)

—Which brings me to the point in all this, from where the world turns: See, remember 1984? Not necessarily the book, there’s also the movie with the wicked Eurythmics soundtrack, that’ll do as well: Yeah, so. Remember when Winston kept getting fewer chocolate rations all the time?
Now that’s too mean even for a dystopic future: I won’t take my chocolate bar being taken away from me by the establishment. Sure, throw in free speech and sexual diversity for all I care, but me babe, I’m in for the chocolate.