Walpurgisnacht, 2010

On Walpurgis Night, 2010, I come home from work there about 7:30, 8pm, plenty of time to change my clothes, drink some milk and do all those push-ups and such before doing the usual laps at the park – only I don´t, not this time around, because I end I crashing on the spare mattress in my room, borderline pass out, really, and sleep for about two, three hours before waking up hungry like fuck, and have dinner and a shower, and sleep again for almost fourteen hours straight.

I haven´t been getting any sleep.
Not kidding. I´ve been sleeping like, two to three hours per night, on average for the last three weeks or so, and that´s even counting the nights when I sleep at all: Worst part is, I simply can´t stop – I get out of bed at 5:30am every morning, work out, go to work, work for like, 10, sometimes 12 hours straight, come home, jog for 10Ks... and still, no sleep (On certain nights, that saintly Russian medicine that goes so well with orange juice is the only thing that knocks me down).

So I crashed so hard, burned out and such, last Friday night I ended up missing out the entire evening! – No shit: I spend the entire year waiting for Walpurgis Night, no special reason provided, and when it finally arrives, I... finally.... sleep?

Oh well: As far as offbeat holidays are concerned, I´ve got tons of catching up to do on Miracle Monday this May, anyhow.