Recurring themes, a breakthrough or two, and the inevitable Bizarre Love Triangle (2010)

This girl I´m having dinner with tonight is leaving for Canada in a couple of weeks, for good. Canada by now, of course, has since become a nexus for intertwining plotlines in this story, in the long run: All the female characters here seem like they either came from Canada, or are going to Canada, or went to Canada once in their lifetimes. Sort of like mythical California, you know? How this hero´s journey of our is inevitably bound to lead us to the Pacific, either to drown or be reborn? But I digress – while plotlines continue to merge.

It´s early March, 2010 and this girl I´m having dinner with tonight – this drop-dead Chilean blonde I´m having dinner with tonight – is leaving for Canada in a couple of weeks, for good, to live with her (I suppose) drop-dead gorgeous French boyfriend who works for Air-France and the works. This is a send-off dinner date so the only things happening after the dessert are the espresso and the cab home, not to mention my picking up of the check. See the plotlines merge here too?
“Knowing you, it´s so likely you got to choose this place on purpose,” she tells me with a sly smile, almost feline, as she fiddles her food with the fork for a while. I look down at my own plate and the left corner of my own lips curl up in a half-smile: “Whoa,” I mumble, “Don´t you think the confit de canard goes like, way better with a little irony thrown in?”

But this is not only a send-off dinner date, but a dinner in which I get to merge different plotlines: I have to be perfectly straight with you here. This must be my first date in what seems like centuries now. I haven´t gone out with a girl in ages though I´m not entirely sure why. I want to find something, someone, to blame it on and I can´t tell you enough how tempting... how easy... it would be to simply call it upon your not showing up last November and then wrecking my world or something, but that would just be the drama-queen in me talking. It was something of a bitch, granted, and that´s also quite probably a word I must have used to name your mother during the ensuing weeks or something, really, but in the end I guess we´re all inevitably drawn back to the very rules of the games we choose to play, and regardless of my usual questioning of authority, I´m no exception to that.
Truth be told, I often get way too much caught up in my own dealings, and find myself way too much left to my own devices, to even remember there´s an entire outer world right there. Somewhere, but out there nevertheless.

And then, apropos of that and apropos of everything else too, I´m drawn back to this old comic book I used to love when I was a kid: See, this is my going back to the old, late-1980s Hawk & Dove mini-series once again. I once stated, only half-kidding, that I did the interiors of my place to look like Hank Hall´s dorm room in College in that story. That´s only half-a-lie, you know. But as I´m sitting on this fancy restaurant with the aforementioned drop-dead Chilean blonde with the feline smile at my side, I get to recall another line from that story: So, Hank Hall´s parents barge in the dorm room all of a sudden and Hank is talking with Dawn Granger, who happens to be not only this drop-dead gorgeous blonde but also the superheroine Dove, who´s taken Hank´s brother place after the brother died, and Hank´s mother looks at Hank´s father, or vice-versa, whatever, and says how nice it is to see Hank being interested in girls once again.