All of a sudden all the girls seem have started wearing purple this Autumn, I´m thinking. Three years ago, it was May ´06 and I was at the mall having lunch with some friends from the office and there was this drop-dead gorgeous girl with her mother or something like that, and she had a periwinkle-blue sweater and when I came home that evening I sat down and actually wrote about that girl with the periwinkle-blue sweater even though I never got to talk to her, to know her name, or to see her again.

Maybe it´s just that I´m a little frustrated when it comes to girls right now, that I´m choosing the collective against the individual, not really being able to make a writer´s muse out a random shopping mall encounter this time around—or maybe it´s just that Autumn has indeed tilted to the lower-end of the spectrum this year, and that in order for things to work I should get my heart beating to shorter wavelengths.