Tora! Tora! Tora!

Little history lesson for you guys out there: So it´s December, 1941 and the Japs have just swooped low over Pearl Harbor and bomb-strafed the place to bits. What do guys like Superman and the Green Lantern do? Well, they pretty much get together with the likes of Wonder Woman, the Spectre, etc, the whole crazy bunch of them, and cross over the Pacific. “Hey fellers, now let´s go and lay Tokyo to waste” must have been the closest thing on their minds. Or something like that.
But they weren´t really counting on this Spear of Destiny thing, see, which Hitler´d just acquired back in Europe and pretty much covered all Axis-controlled territory with a magical force field that would put any there-present metahuman under his control.
So Superman, GL et al, all had to pretty much come back, and be content with only protecting the homefront “for the duration.” Whatever that meant.

Okay. Now back to me: I can´t seem to go out with any girl of Asian-descent, period. I don´t know whatever Nazi-spawned magicks Hitler must have cooked up like sixty years ago but it´s still going on strong: I got turned down not by one but I swear to god, TWO of those girls, and totally unrelated girls to boot, this past week alone.

I mean, have you ever gone out with an Asian girl?
I took one to dinner, a few weeks ago, and that was that. Period. "No miso shiru for you!!!" -------- (hey that joke was actually good!)

It´s incredible, I´ve never seen anything like that: Rebuked (twice) with such grace, such an ease, it almost made me believe of a forcefield up and running there around Midway. Tell you something, girlfriend, that Bushido thing´s a killer!

At this current point in time, any reference by the author of this very blog to a historical person by the name of “Doolittle” would most likely be understood (by the author himself, no less!) as the guy who like, talks to animals and stuff...

...As opposed to say, the guy from 30 Rock who´s bomb-strafed the Jap mainland with Ben Affleck a few years ago, or something like that. I just want to meet cool, cute girls, regardless of race, credo, skin color or social condition, for chrissakes, not think up crappy posts on dead Sunday evenings...